Tasting – Cantina de Carteggio 2016 Sangue di Giuda


Name: Sangue di Giuda
Producer: Cantina di Casteggio
Variety: Croatina, Uva rara
Region: Lombardy
Country: Italy
Vintage: 2016
Price: $7.95
Wine Review: “SANGUE DI GIUDA (Judah’s blood) name of the wine because of it’s deep ruby red color, with purple hues just like blood! The Judah’s part of the story is a bit trickier… part local folklore – (i.e. legend) goes something like this: After Judah’s betrayal and hanging, Jesus forgave him and allowed Judah to come back on earth, specifically in the area of Oltrepo’ by the town of Broni. When the local farmers recognized him, they wanted to kill him, but they spared him when he helped to heal their vines that had been affected by a disease. In return, they named the grape after him. Another explanation is that this wine is a “traitor” because it is so delicious that you can get tempted without much effort. Regardless of what you like to believe, this wine is just incredibly delicious!”
My Review: Ruby in color, and medium bodied.  Aromas of sugar, heat, raspberry, and blackberry.  Tastes of acidic and red apple, with effervescence on the tongue.


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