Wine and Cheese Pairing: 1

I resented did a wine and cheese pairing.  I gathered three wines and three different cheese and tried each cheese with each of the wines.  This was an interesting experience because each of the wines paired differently with the cheeses.  For the cheeses I used gouda, which had light, milky flavors, asiago, which had a very sharp flavor, and a pepper cheddar, which was very peppery.


I had three different red wines, and made original observations about each wine.


Name: 2014 Chianti
Producer: Condrosso
Variety: Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Colorino
Region: Tuscany
Country: Italy
Vintage: 2014
Price: $7.95
Wine Review: “A heck of a value in Chianti, this delicious blend of 90% Sangiovese, 7% Canaiolo and 3% Colorino offers up notes of licorice, new saddle leather, black cherry and berry fruit, loamy soil undertones and a touch of pepper and herbs. It is medium-bodied, savory and best drunk over the next several years.”
My Review: Garnet in color, medium bodied.  Aromas of red fruit, paritcularly cherry and strawberry, black pepper, and chocolate.  Tastes of green pepper, cherry, under ripened blackberry, and spice.


Name: California Red Wine
Producer: Brownie Points Vineyard
Variety: N/A
Region: California
Country: USA
Vintage: 2014
Price: $12.00
Wine Review: “Ruby red nose with semi-sweet red fruit on the pallet, leading up to milk chocolate, and finishing off with gentle acidity and tannins.”
My Review: Garnet in color, medium bodied.  Aromas of dark raspberry and cherry, and mocha.  Tastes of tart, pepper, and dark fruit.


Name: 2013 Shiraz
Producer: Forester Estate
Variety: Shiraz
Region: Margaret River
Country: Australia
Vintage: 2013
Price: $20.40
Wine Review: “Deep red with purple hue. Clean with ripe dark fruits of plum and boysenberry with aniseed, pepper, balanced toasty oak and a spice-floral perfume. Full and textured palate with plum, blackberry and boysenberry along with
aniseed, cocoa and integrated toasty oak.”
My Review: Ruby in color, full bodied.  Aromas of spice, pepper, and dark cherry.  Tastes of acid, black pepper, and strawberry.

After my original observations were made of the wines, I went through and tried each cheese with each wine and made observations.

Asiago: Brought out the acid, which made the acid overwhelming.
Gouda: Brought out a slight acidity, but overall there was no flavor, it was very bland.
Cheddar: Brings out the pepper flavor, taste was of pepper and water.

California Red
Asiago: Tasted like mocha and berries.
Gouda: Brought out the tartness, but also a cherry flavor.
Cheddar: Tasted very metallic and peppery.

Asiago: Brought out a berry flavor, like ripe dark cherries.
Gouda: It was just overwhelmingly tart.
Cheddar:  Very tart and peppery.

Overall, there was no one cheese that went well with each of the wines, but the asiago was probably the best paired cheese.  The cheddar was the worst paired cheese, because the pepper in the cheese just brought out the pepper flavor in each wine, and made it overwhelming.  I cannot wait to do this again with some more wines and cheese.


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