A Little Bit About Me

Hi! Thank you for joining me in my wine journey. Anyone who knows me knows that one of my dreams in life is to own my own winery and make some killer wines.  However, it is not just wine that I am interested in, I have dabbled a little in making hard cider and beer, and am interested in distilling spirits as well.  Some people may not think that this is a good career path to be on, but there is more to just winemaking than making alcohol and drinking a lot.  There is art and science in the process.  Not many people can say that they can take a single grape, apple, hop or whatever it may be and turn it into something extraordinary that many people will enjoy.

I love trying new wines to expand my pallete and see what wines are out there to drink.  I really enjoy comparing wines from other places in the world to the same variety made in the US, or even on the East coast.  When I am home, I work at a winery that within the first year of opening the tasting room, has been named the top 99th winery in the country.  They make some very high quality wines from the East coast, and it is very excited to be apart of everything they are doing.

I enjoy going to different wineries and tasting their wines and hearing their story.  Each winery is different and has a history that makes them unique.  This winter break I traveled to Australia with Virginia Tech for a study abroad trip.  During the trip we visited two wineries in the Southern Highlands.  It was a very interesting experience and it has made me want to travel to wineries in other countries and experience the wines that they do well.

I hope you enjoyed getting to learn a little about me, and I cannot wait to see the amazing wine journey we are about to go on together!


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